Improved Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) deals with the content of interior air that could affect health and comfort of building occupants. In fact, indoor air is often a greater health hazard than the corresponding outdoor setting. Maintaining good IAQ is very important in the workplace. As a professional, you are being called upon to identify and correct the factors impacting air quality and overall indoor comfort. Common indoor air pollutants include tobacco smoke, biological agents like animal dander, bacteria and mold, airborne particulates, volatile organic compounds like glue and solvents, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, and pesticides. Many of these materials are found in minute amounts in most indoor environments. Add humidity and temperature to the mix and pollutant concentrations can rise excessively.

Improving indoor air quality through innovation…

Fabric air duct socks provide appealing, inexpensive solutions:

  • Exposed air ducts and air distribution devices – heated, unheated or cooled
  • Heated or unheated make up fabric air systems (air re-circulation systems)
  • General ventilation systems

Fabric air duct socks offers the added benefit of:

  • Improving IAQ while greatly reducing energy costs
  • Improving workplace climate for maximum productivity
  • Meeting all building codes and requirements for added peace of mind
  • Cutting the costs associated with metal ducting by as much as 80%, in addition to the above mentioned benefits
  • Acting as a secondary filter
  • Reducing growth of microorganisms and bacteria, as our woven polyester ducts discourage condensation