10 Year Warranty

The Hero FabriDuct standard 10 year replacement warranty is as follows:

  • 100% coverage for the first year
  • Prorated from 90% – 0% over the remaining warranty period

The Hero FabriDuct warranty is for replacement credit based on the remaining period of the applicable stated warranty. Coverage begins at time of shipment. The covered party must make up the difference between the available warranty credit applied and the FabriDuct™ selling price to repair or replace. The warranty is not available in the form of a cash payment. The warranty covers materials, fabrication and performance of the fabric portion of the FabriDuct™ system only. This warranty also requires that the original system be designed within requirements based on manufacturer’s specifications including double row suspension systems for diameters of 24” and larger and that maintenance be performed based on manufacturer’s recommendations.

Warranty excludes damage to fabric from improper installation, poor maintenance, dry cleaning, use of bleach on the duct, abuse, abrasion, caustic chemicals, exposure to high temperature (over 180°), fabric discoloration and shrinkage or any unauthorized modification to system. Costs incurred in the execution of the warranty, such as labor, equipment rental, or freight charges will not be covered.