Washing and Storage Instructions

For Hero FabriDuct™ Polyester Ducts with or without Vents

In order to ensure long term and optimum distribution of air, it is necessary to keep the FabriDuct™fabric ducts free from dirt and dust. Effective maintenance will ensure that the ducts supply the required quantity of air. This will also guarantee optimum life of the ducts. PLEASE NOTE: under no circumstances should the ducts be dry-cleaned or have bleach used on them.

Hero FabriDuct™ provides a first class microbiological filter, the ducts are fabricated from polyester, which does not support bacterial growth. As a final filter, just one pass through the FabriDuct™ duct can retain 60% of particles greater than 1 micron. Because of this ability to filter, Hero FabriDuct™ highly recommends the use of an 85% effective pre-filter to prevent excessive cleaning maintenance. The ducts are recommended washed 1 to 2 times per year when using 85% pre-filter. When washing the fabric ducts with this interval, the white fabric may take on a grayish color. This graying appearance can be reduced by increasing washing intensity, washing frequency or by originally specifying a custom dyed fabric. Bleaching is to be avoided as it weakens the duct fiber and shortens the life of the fabric.


PLEASE NOTE: under no circumstances should the ducst be dry-cleaned or have bleach used on them.

Before laundering, remove all Perma-Form Ribs (if applicable) and turn each duct section INSIDE OUT. Then:

  • Pre-rinse 70° F for 3 minutes. *
  • Pre-wash 104° F for 10 minutes. *
  • Wash 104° F for 20 minutes. *

*Follow detergent manufacturer quantity recommendation

Rinse thoroughly after each washing.

  • Do NOT add any softener, as this will influence the surface characteristics of the FabriDuct™ duct.
  • Wash, spin-dry, and immediately install the FabriDuct™ ducts if possible. Other- wise, the FabriDuct™ ducts may tumble dry with a MAXIMUM hot air temperature of 110F.


The FabriDuct™ cloth duct sections must be COMPLETELY DRY before folding for storage.

The ducts must be stored in a DRY ROOM.