Code Requirements

Testing results show that Hero FabriDuct™ meets the requirements below.

Flame Spread / Smoke Development

This page addresses the related fire code requirements for fabric duct distribution devices. FabriDuct™ Systems are in accordance with the ASTM International fire test response standard E 84, Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials, as both a duct and diffuser. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has concluded that the following fire codes have been met:

  • NFPA 90A-1993, “Installation of Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems”
  • NFPA 90B-1993, “Warm Air Heating and Air Conditioning Systems”
  • NFPA 255, “Standard Method of Test of Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials” (ref: NFPA 255-C.2.3.2)

Description of requirements

Flame spread/Smoke development must not exceed 25/50 rating. This rating and the ASTM E 84 test method are typical to UBC 8-1 and UL723. These requirements are also consistent with flame/smoke indices set by the Uniform Mechanical Code for the various pipe insulations, duct insulations and other combustibles used in air handling plenums.


Torsion, collapse, air leakage and impact are related only to sheet metal duct, and do no apply to FabriDuct™, except for USDA and other similar applications. UL 181 mentions fire code and torsion/collapse/impact indices, but only the fire code is relevant in our case. FabriDuct™ is “a combination flexible air duct and air diffuser for exposed ceiling applications to be used as a positive pressure air distribution component”.