Antimicrobial Treatment

Hero FabriDuctâ„¢ offers a cloth treated with Ultra Fresh for those areas where bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi might compromise product performance. Applied to the cloth prior to manufacturing, Ultra Fresh actively works to discourage and destroy the bacteria and fungi, keeping the ducts cleaner and fresher. Best of all it is a safe and environmentally friendly application.

Ultra Fresh treatments are such efficient antimicrobial agents that only small quantities are required to provide effective control. Data collected over many years demonstrates that normal use of Ultra-Fresh should not cause any safety concerns, either in the industrial plants where treatments are applied, to users of Ultra-Fresh treated products or to the environment.

All Ultra-Fresh treatments are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the United States. This agency thoroughly reviews all available safety and environmental information before granting a registration. Ultra-Fresh treatments are also registered or are in the process of being registered with appropriate agencies in other countries.

Each EPA registration covers specific applications at the use levels necessary to give antimicrobial protection to an treated article. Industrial users should contact TRA to confirm that a particular application is approved in their market area.

As with any industrial product, normal standards of care must be maintained when carrying out Ultra-Fresh treatments. Industrial users should consult the appropriate Material Safety Data Sheets before working with any Ultra-Fresh product.