Throw Data

Hero FabriDuct™ maintains that proper sizing, spacing and orientation of our standard linear caplets achieve the necessary air dispersion performance characteristics needed in a given system. These will effectively control the low velocity, diffused or short throw patterns associated with low draft displacement ventilation systems or the high velocity, direct jet or high throw patterns associated with mixing ventilation systems or any combination in between without the need for directional throw nozzles.

Duct Vent Throw Data

Once the vent size has been chosen, the airflow being released from that vent must be considered. The following graph indicates air stream velocities at set distances from the vent outlet per vent size. The throw rates here only reflect the performance at 0.5” w.g. static pressure. This information was achieved through testing in a closed-in isolated environment similar to the model shown.

As with any diffuser, the actual throw velocities will change based on the specific environment. To direct the expected throws, the orientation of the linear slots may be specified to better fit your application.