Linear Slot Orientation

Because each FabriDuct™ system is 100% custom made, there is unlimited flexibility in designing the locations of the linear slots. The orientation of the linear slots in the duct sock also affects the suspension system.

11 & 1, 10 & 2 and 3 & 9 O’clock

Primarily chosen for cooling or ventilating, these locations either push the exiting air upward and / or outward from the FabriDuct™. Do not concern yourself with throw requirements other than to reach the exterior walls or fill the gaps between parallel runs.

4 & 8, 5 & 7 AND 6 O’Clock

Primarily chosen for applications with heating but can also be used for cooling or ventilating, these locations push the exiting air downward and/or outward from the FabriDuct™. Throw requirements are critical in these locations because the air is delivered towards the employees or equipment. To calculate the throw, use the distance between the bottom of the FabriDuct™ system and the distance above the floor. To calculate throw, use the following equations:

4 & 8 o’clock: (FabriDuct™ Height – 6) x 2.00 = Throw required
5 & 7 o’clock: (FabriDuct™ Height – 6) x 1.16 = Throw required
6 o’clock: (FabriDuct™ Height – 6) x 1.00 = Throw required