Sound Data

HVAC noise is one of the most prevalent problems in quiet environments. The FabriDuct™ System reduces HVAC sound levels in two ways:

  1. Hero FabriDuct™ air dispersion products are made of fabrics which do not conduct noise.
  2. Results show that lower inlet velocities reduce the ambient sound emitted from the system.

The chart below is based on testing results using different vent sizes, a large variety of flow rates and inlet velocities of 125 to 4000 FPM into a 16” diameter FabriDuct™ System.

Fabriduct Sound Data

FabriDuct™ Reduces Ambient Sound within an Environment

Not only does a FabriDuct™ system deliver air quietly, it helps reduce the ambient sound within an environment. The soft flexible fabric acts as a baffle along the ceiling, reducing sound by breaking up small amounts of reflective noise. The benefits of noise reduction will vary between different environments and noise frequencies.